Welcome to DEMUX Framework web site!

DEMUX Framework is a Java framework for building modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, web and mobile devices. It is an open source project published under Apache License 2.0. The following list presents basic goals of this project:

  • build a platform that will enable easy creation of modular applications based on OSGI. Think Eclipse or NetBeans platform, only simpler and more flexible
  • provide a set of reusable modules that can be simply dropped into new applications and easily customized if needed
  • applications should be easily portable to all supported platforms (ie., port desktop application to web or mobile OS)
  • build a thriving community which will allow building, sharing and customizing modules among users



The following list highlights some of the features of DEMUX Framework:

  • Easily create modular, extensible applications based on standardized OSGI platform
  • Develop great looking desktop applications using latest JavaFX technology. Seamless deployment to Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.
  • Turn your application into mobile app with only minor user interface changes. All core functionality is shared across different versions.
  • Maven integration allows developers to start working in seconds. No project setup, no separate downloads, no hassle! Simply focus on your work.
  • Sick of reinventing the wheel every time? Experience true code reuse with ready-made modules for common functionality. Create your own reusable modules, or use ones available from 3rd parties.
  • Integration with native platform is a breeze. Forget about chasing JRE versions, library versions, OS versions... Everything is handled automatically by the framework.
  • DEMUX Framework is open source software published under Apache License. Use it in your commercial applications without restrictions.