The project

DEMUX Framework is open source project aimed to help developers create modular, extensible and robust applications that can run on desktop, web and mobile devices. This should be achieved by leveraging existing open source tools and technologies, and combining them into one efficient, streamlined tool. Developers should be able to offload most of the tedious, repeating steps to the framework tools, and focus on their application logic.

Focusing on application logic also means being able to reuse existing code with no or very little modifications. That is why we opted for modular architecture which will allow developers to simply plug in modules into their applications without affecting unrelated functionality.

Our hope is to build a community around the project which will help us grow and improve this project so it can benefit to everybody.

Who we are

DEMUX Framework is being developed and maintained by Vektor Software. We are strong supporters of open source, and we use open source software daily in our work. This project is published under open source license, and is our way of giving back to the community. We also believe that this will help wider adoption of open source software.

Vektor Software is also supporters of OSGI, the leading modularization effort for Java platform. This project is built on top of OSGI specification.

If you have any kind of feedback, whether it's problem, criticism or a praise, please feel free to contact us. See the sidebar for ways of contacting development team.