How to get DEMUX Framework

This page lists various way to obtain DEMUX Framework.

Maven repository

This is the simplest (and prefered) way to get everyhting you need to start using the framework. There's no need to download anything, since all project artifacts are available in Maven central repository. Repository contains binaries, source code and Javadoc. There are also maven archetypes which will get you started with DEMUX projects in no time.

For more information about using Maven with DEMUX Framework, please visit our wiki.


Binary download

Binary releases are available on BitBucket download page here. These are ZIP archives which contain complete source code, API documentation and examples. Use this if you prefer to have eveything stored on your machine, and if you would like to examine sample code in more detail.


Source code

Source code is stored in our Git repository hosted on BitBucket. To clone the repository, use the following command line:

git clone

If you would like to contribute pacthes to source code, please see this section for instructions.